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Wednesday, November 25, 2009
80s Dance Tickets ON SALE NOW!
WXYC is holding its Semi-Annual 80s dance again this December 4th.
As usual, it is happening at the Cat's Cradle.
We will be blasting 80s tunes from 9pm till around 2am.
So come then donning your best Miami Vice blazer, sequined prom dress, shoulder pads, or just your best gaudy and dazzling eighties spirit.

Tickets will be sold in the pit from November 30th to the day of for $5 in advance, and at the door for $8.

See you there!
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
EXPECT: noise keg, enticingly plattered array of samples, engaging conversation, audio body shots, game of find-the-headphones & MORE

The same week a tribute album drops for New Zealand underground music veteran, and recent stroke sufferer, Chris Knox, WXYC will air a Thursday Night Feature retrospective on the enduring noise-pop scene he helped spawn. Moving back and forth between the ultra-pop and the ultra-noise and everything in between, and with everything from the long-going acts to the defunct and the upstart, the show will look at how the scene expanded to allow all of these groups to support each other in their often divergent, often similar goals for DIY music. Hosted by Jonathan W. 9pm

Tune in to this Friday's Inside Track, where new albums get played in their entirety, and hear the latest and greatest from Arrington de Dionyso (frontsperson for music group Old Time Relijun), which turns out to be a disc entitled "Malaikat dan Singa" (K records). I hear it's heavy on the throat singing and bass clarinet improvisation! 9pm

Start your Thanksgiving week off right by tuning in to hear local noise/performance-art legend Clang Quartet (Scotty Irving) play a live set on the Backyard Barbecue! There's even going to be a video later! Sunday at 8pm
Friday, November 6, 2009
Transmitting Now At 1200 Watts!
At around 10am today, WXYC switched over its signal to a new transmitter. Our power has increased from 400 to 1200 watts, and we are directional towards Raleigh, Durham and Apex (and Chapel Hill, of course). The first song played from the new antenna was Queen's "Radio Ga Ga." This comes after years of work and the station would like to thank everyone involved. We are all very excited and happy today.
Thursday, November 5, 2009
On this week's Thursday Night Feature, "Hot! Dope! Fresh!" returns for a third installment. This month's H!D!F! will be more smooth and laid back. There will be exclusive new tracks from several soul and r&b; artists with a sprinkling of hip hop.

Scheduled Interviews:

Krave: ATL, GA natives. I interviewed this r&b; trio when they were first starting out in July 2008. Since that time they have been on a consistent global grind. Their hard work is finally beginning to pay off. Krave are the newest signees to Akon's Konvict Music record label.

Neff: Myrtle Beach, SC native artist and promoter of one of the largest industry networking events in SC. Last month Neff called into the show to do an exclusive debut of his brand new track '4 Tha Hood'. This month Neff returns for a full interview to discuss his upcoming projects and why he's one of the most well known artists coming out of the Grand Strand.

In addition to the interviews Randy Roper Music Editor of Ozone Magazine will be calling in to discuss what's new in the hip hop culture. Ozone Magazine is the #1 Hip Hop magazine in the South and West Coast, and is widely known as 'Your Favorite Rappers' Favorite Rap Magazine'
( &

Also as with previous months there will be exclusive world wide premieres of tracks from the following artists:

Warren Jae: The artist formerly known as Young Burna. Even though his name has changed Warren Jae's music has not; the Columbia, SC native and now ATL resident continues to hip hop that appeals to both men and women. Currently signed to the multifaceted label and lifestyle brand ATL-based Million Dollar Dreamz, Warren Jae is prepping to release his newest album What Dreams May Come on Thanksgiving Day, which is a rarity for any hip hop artist. Warren Jae will give the listeners an exclusive premiere of the first single off his new album.

Mary Liz: In 2009 it's become common for r&b; "singers" to alter their voices on tracks. Let's keep it real; alot of popular singers out right now simply cannot sing--it's all studio magic and tricky. Coming out of Columbia, SC Mary Liz is one singer who uses no vocoders or autotune on her records. She recently released her newest project The Princess Is Here. If you haven't heard it it's definitely a must listen. Mary Liz is also co-signed by DJ Frosty of Stupid Dope Moves, SC's most well known DJ and co-owner of one of it's strongest record label and lifestyle brand.

On Friday's Inside Track, we listen to the new album from Asheville's Ahleuchatistas. Out on Tzadik (!), it's called "Of the Body Prone".

Lake Inferior! On the Backyard Barbecue again! Ya'll know 'em, ya'll love 'em. Listen in at 8 PM sharp for a live set and an interview.
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Women In Hip Hop Radio Honors & Concert
Sohipotome Radio Show March 11, 2010
Sohipotome Concert & Honors March 13, 2010
For more information on being a part of the radio special, concert,
events, etc + If you know a hot female artist that deserves to be a
part of the events contact us!
Monday, October 26, 2009
On Monday night's Inside Track, where new records get played in their entirety, we'll listen to the jamass and very accessible "Blue Record" from Savannah metalheads Baroness at 9pm. The 'Track is back on Friday to bring you... What? The Flaming Lips made a noisy record that isn't indie popcaca? I'm on board. It's called "Embryonic" - join us at 9pm.

On this month's installment of the Global Music Show, WXYC DJ Joseph Palis and guest lecturer Beth-Ann Kutchma from The Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) present Music as Message: Global Connections through Song. Friday at 5pm.

Billy Sugarfix (of Evil Wiener) just had an article in the Independent*! WXYC invited him on the Backyard Barbeque this week and he's bringing his favorite local records. Tune in this Sunday at 8 PM to hear stories about and songs from: Angels of Epistemology, Zen Frisbee, Metal Flake, Mother, Polvo, Hop Flop Fly, Minerva Strain, Pipe, The Popes, and Archers of Loaf.
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