This Week on WXYC

Nancy O. hosts three hours of themed music on this week's Thursday Night Feature. 9pm.

On Friday, hear Nice Face's album Immer Etwas, coming to you from Sacred Bones Records. It's fuzzy and drum-machine driven music. DJ Jonathan W. says, "Some high-energy leather punk to dance to on a Friday night." So start your evening early at 6 pm with the Inside Track, and please do dance.

Talkademia comes to you this week with some trepidation about changing its name to Smart Ass Radio. Journalism professor and community journalism enthusiast Jock Lauterer will talk about journalism as a form of service. Lauterer will tell you that, after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill a hundred years ago, the young reporter made bold and started his own newspaper in Rutherford County, NC. Now he's involved in projects to teach photography to inner-city children and bring positive press to the previously publication-less Northeast Central Durham neighborhood. Catch the interview with Jacki H. at 5pm on Sunday.