On Monday night's Inside Track, where new records get played in their entirety, we'll listen to the jamass and very accessible "Blue Record" from Savannah metalheads Baroness at 9pm. The 'Track is back on Friday to bring you... What? The Flaming Lips made a noisy record that isn't indie popcaca? I'm on board. It's called "Embryonic" - join us at 9pm.

On this month's installment of the Global Music Show, WXYC DJ Joseph Palis and guest lecturer Beth-Ann Kutchma from The Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) present Music as Message: Global Connections through Song. Friday at 5pm.

Billy Sugarfix (of Evil Wiener) just had an article in the Independent*! WXYC invited him on the Backyard Barbeque this week and he's bringing his favorite local records. Tune in this Sunday at 8 PM to hear stories about and songs from: Angels of Epistemology, Zen Frisbee, Metal Flake, Mother, Polvo, Hop Flop Fly, Minerva Strain, Pipe, The Popes, and Archers of Loaf.