Feedback Farm Loves You, Part II of II (or, In Which the Feedback Farmers Ruin that Romantic Valentine's Day Mood)

Here we see what happens when four maladjusted males try to give advice and share anecdotes about a topic best reserved for discussion by mature, sociable adults.

Download the Valentine's Day Feedback Farm Programme here (31MB MP3). The MP3s from the last post are in there somewhere.


On "Carolina Breakdown," Irish fiddlin'... Carrboro's "Workclothes"

This week on "Carolina Breakdown," the show we do in concert (literally) with the Arts Center in Carrboro and the Curriculum in Folklore, we feature music from near and far.

Near, as in "Carrboro," as Jennie and Lee Waters bring their band Work Clothes to the show, and talk with us the texture of the Southern indie rock scene. It's great music and much introspective thought behind it.

Then it's "far" as in "far and away," as in County Galway, Ireland, as the Gavin Brothers -- Irish fiddle and accordion virtuosos -- stop in along with UNC graduate Pat Sky. It is, as Sean says, "grand, just grand," and if you've ever played air guitar, let alone air fiddle, the sounds these guys get from their instruments will blow you away.

So celebrate St. Patrick's Day early, Friday at 4 p.m., when we bring you another "Carolina Breakdown," another hour of Southern music, the people who make it and, uh, this week, the people who like it. And in two weeks, DJ and folklorist Jessica Klinke hosts a rousing show with Durham-based folk singer Alice Gerard. You can get the Breakdown on iTunes as a podcast as it spreads the WXYC gospel to places near and far. We've got listeners in Italy and Central America, even -- and this week, we're thinking we'll pick up a few in Ireland. Be well... John H.


Although details are a litle hazy at this point, members of the Feedback Farm have been suspected of practicing "web terrorism" on this very blog by deleting posts that they deemed "not fit to live ." The action was self-righteous at best, and just downright diabolical at its dark core. They already hijacked the WXYC Best of 2006 show last Wednesday, providing their own fake countdown filled with obscure field recordings, Joanna Newsom manipulations, and a double-tracked White Album in order to clutter up the airwaves with a bunch of crap that no one cared about. But this new charge finds the Farmers stooping to new depths, and begs us to ask the question, "How low can these bastards go?"

Unfortunatley, someone was dense enough to let these terrorists have a new season of their show this semester, which airs on every other Wednesday at 9pm on WXYC. Hopefully, they will clear up some of these accusations on their show next week, and address these unholy acts. When will the fear end? When?!?!?


Chapel Hill's punk rock trio Hazerai played three songs from their recent The Castle EP live on WXYC's news show yesterday. Thanks to them, to XYC jock Matt Berginski, and to Edith from the Daily Tar Heel for taking some pictures while they cranked out "Photo shoot." [g/v] [b] [d]

192k mp3s:
1. Reel ghosts break in
2. Black-eyed Susan
3. The ribbon
4. Photo shoot

Expect another strong musical guest or interview when WXYC News airs again on Sunday, February 18 at 5pm.

I Am Not Making Any Accusations

However, for the record, I did this and this last fall.

Then someone else did this.

Like I said, I'm not making any accusation, but you can judge for yourself. I guess it's just another episode in Dave Eggers' vendetta against me. What can you do?

WXYC's Official Best of 2006

Last night, the charming and hilarious Feedback Farmers returned to the airwaves for the first time this semester. They were back to their old antics as they duped us all with their Best of 2006 Hoax Programme. A perplexed and disappointed public were treated to the following countdown, "as selected by 75 WXYC DJs."

10 Tim Hecker - Harmony in Ultraviolet (Kranky)
09 Le Volume Courbe - I Killed my Best Friend (Honest Jon's)
08 Folke Rabe / Jan Bark - Argh! (Tjaft)
07 Geir Jenssen - Cho Oyu 8201m: Field Recordings from Tibet (Ash International)
06 Luc Ferrari - Son Memorise (Sub Rosa) and Far-West News (Blue Chopsticks)
05 Various Artists, Compiled by Jacob Smigel - Eavesdrop: A Wealth of Found Sound (jacobsmigel.com)
04 Lionel Marchetti - Red Dust (Crouton)
03 Anla Courtis - Tape Works (Pogus)
02 HB - Weird CD that some guy named HB sent to WXYC (self-released)
And at #1, the best album of 2006 was from 1968...
01 The Beatles - The Beatles (Capitol/EMI)

Of course it was all a hoax. The real countdown is happening right now, in fact, and is being hosted by David and P@. The Feedback Farmers apologize to P@ who did a lot of work compiling the real WXYC list and hope they didn't step on his toes too hard.

Download last night's Feedback Farm programme here (30MB MP3). More happened than just the countdown, so even though you've read the list above you should still download the file!

"Carolina Breakdown" features Chris Hillman this Friday

This week's "Carolina Breakdown" (Friday at 4 p.m.) features music and talk with Chris Hillman, original member of The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers and other rock fame. He spoke with DJ Brendan Greaves, who hosts this week's show. Should be great, and the type of original stuff you only hear at our little radio operation.

All prior "Carolina Breakdown" shows are available via iTunes -- just go to the podcast page and type "Carolina Breakdown." Join our myspace page, also uniquely titled "Carolina Breakdown." The show now has more than 1,500 listeners worldwide, from Europe to Latin America to... Greensboro, spreading the WXYC gospel far and wide.

Meantime, enjoy this week's show. I'll host the next one, Feb. 14, featuring The Gavin Brothers, Irish fiddle virtuosos, as they team up with North Carolina fiddler Pat Skye, and also Carrboro's Workclothes joins us.

And stay tuned for details about the first live taping of the show, at the ArtsCenter, in April.


Please Reconsider, Shania

Dear Shania,

I have received your message loud and clear, and I am sorry that you remain unimpressed by the positive qualities I have developed, as well as a full lifetime of substantial accomplishment. However, perhaps I have not stated my case clearly and explicitly enough, and for that I am sorry. If you are willing to listen, however, I would like to address each of your concerns, point by point. I think it will be a valuable exercise and that it is worth your time to read and consider my points closely.

While you may not be impressed by the fact that I am, in fact, a rocket scientist, I would remind you of all the hard work and dedication that it took me to get to this point. I labored for many years in school, straining under the weight of my expansive dissertation which eventually revolutionized many of the prevailing thought on next-generation propulsion systems. While the fact that I am a rocket scientist doesn't impress you, I would urge you to consider the positive implications about my character that one may arrive at by considering this accomplishment: it points to not only a keen intelligence, but also to a strong work ethic and acute ability to get things done. These abilities have seen me gainfully employed by NASA but also by a number of private sector companies whose names I can't tell you due to restrictive non-disclosure agreements. However, I assure you that I am well-compensated for my activities,and would be an excellent provider for the both of us.

Further, I would like to address your claims that I am vain, and despite my care for personal appearance, you are unimpressed by my all-American-yet-roguish good looks. I apologize for what you perceive as an emasculating attention to my appearance and my hair. Shania, I am no slob. I feel that an acute awareness of how I present myself is a positive quality that reflects my professionalism and that my attention to working out denotes my deep commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In an America that is growing increasingly obese, I would think that these qualities would be better received. And though you mention Brad Pitt as a byword for attractiveness, I would like to remind you who has achieved People's Sexiest Man Alive the most (Three times!).

Next, you attack me for my devotion to my car. I apologize for what you perceive as preening obsessiveness. I would like to remind you that my car is in fact one of a kind. As a rocket scientist, and one-time McLaren racing team consultant, I can assure that my car is the fastest one in existence as well as being quite stylish. Excuse me for having a little pride, Shania, in perhaps the most impressive achievement in automotives in many, many years. That you aren't impressed by it, seems to speak more to your continual lack of interest in MY hobbies than any failing on my part. Once again I would ask you to pause and reflect on the many positive traits and abilities I harnessed to develop this car, and consider all their positive applications for our soon-to-be rekindled relationship.

Shania, I know that in the past I have failed to impress you,primarily because of your doubt that I have "the touch." I'm not sure what you are explicitly referencing here, but you do seem to be questioning my abilities to keep you warm in the middle of the night. This reference to my alleged sexual inadequacies seems a little misplaced, and dare I say bitter. You know that in bed, I am a tiger, and unmatched paragon of virility and I dare say that you know it well. However, I am always ready for improvement, and with your suggestions, I know I will be able to fulfill you in every sense of the word. I will develop this touch that you describe. Considering my past accomplishments, I don't think you will doubt that I can succeed.

Shania please reconsider these things you have broadcasted to the whole world. I think that the evidence that I have brought to your attention will impress you, finally. I hope things will work out with us and the future and you will give me my second chance.


"The Crunk is not unseldom drastic, And must be hindered by elastic."
Edward Gorey, The Utter Zoo, 1967

(Gorey did not, however, illustrate the Hyphy).