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On this week's Global Music Show, Amy Cooke joins host Stanton K for a look at the music of Miriam Makeba, the renowned South African singer and civil rights activist known as 'Mama Afrika'. Tune in at 4pm.

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Hey, isn't that 80s Dance thing at Cat's Cradle coming up soon? Like, 9pm this Saturday? The only reasonable way to prepare for something like this is to listen to the 80s Dance Thursday Night Feature, starting at 9pm. A rotating cast of WXYC DJs will be dishing out the hits till midnite.


First up on the Inside Track, where new albums get played in their entirety, is dubstep producer Zomby's album Where Were You in '92? It seems as though it's finally time to look back on the days of acid trance with a nostalgic ear. Why not tune in Monday at 9pm? The Inside Track returns on Friday at the same time with MVⅇ and the Golden Road, who are keeping the fire of psychedelic folk burning with their latest album, Drone Trailer, courtesy of DiChristina Records.

The Global Music Show, a monthly collaboration between UNC Area Studies and WXYC, welcomes Brazilian composer of contemporary classical music, Sergio Roberto de Oliveira to WXYC a for a survey of his recent album, Sem Espera, and a discussion of the influence of Brazilian popular music on his work. Listen 4pm this Wednesday, hosted by Andy K.


Hear Volume 2 of Sublime Frequencies' Guitars from Agadez series, featuring Group Bomino, on Monday's Inside Track, where a new album is played in it's entirety. The album was recorded in and around their home city of Agadez in 2007, but the ethnically Tuareg band has since been forced into exile due to violence between the Nigerian government and Tuareg Separatists. Bomino shares stylistic elements (and a few members) with Group Inerane, who were featured on Volume 1. Tune in at 9pm.The Inside Track returns on Friday at the same time with Charlemagne's Big Thaw, the latest record from Colossal Yes, Comets on Fire's Drummer's side project. Valentine's Day has come and gone, but amorous feelings still appear to be in the air at the WXYC broadcasting station. Join Jackie H. and Ellis D. for the history of the Make-Out Mix, this week's Thursday Night Feature - 9pm.


I hardly need to tell you all, but Sports are and have been for several years a major source of entertainment and excitement for people the world over. Join the Feedback Farm on Wednesday at 9pm for the Big Game, competition, pep talk, blurring of spectator/spectatee boundaries, several sports, and more.

At various times in recent history, some guys/gals wanted to broadcast music over the radio, but The Man just wouldn't let them, not without a license and all this paperwork. But you know what? They did it anyway. Howie Hoyt brings the music of Underground FM (Part II!) to the Thursday Night Feature. 9pm's the time.
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