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This week's Thursday Night Feature is another installment of Who Got Next? hosted by Nanci O. The feature will showcase up and coming artists from all over the United States in hip hop and r&b;. These are artists that may not be known mainstream wise but have heavy buzz and are moving units on the indie, underground & unsigned scene.

There are several interviews on deck:
Team I.R.A.C. (I Rep All Carolina)--Holly Hill, SC
SELA--Philadelphia, PA
Ed E Ruger--Greensboro, NC
Final Draft--Atlanta, GA (Signed to Earl Jam/EMG/Universal.)

Prop Joe from Danville, VA and Vice President of Slip 'N Slide DJ's will also be stopping by the station as well! Be sure to tune in Thursday night at 9pm.

On Friday, live the lush life with us and listen to the new album, "Cassette City," from Philadelphia rapper/producer Lushlife on The Inside Track. 9pm.


This week's Thursday Night Feature is on none other than noisy-music-makin' music-industry-criticizin' indie-record-producin' Steve Albini. Tune in this Thursday at 9pm to hear some of Mr. Albini's influential work with Big Black, Shellac, and more. Hosted by Jessica G.

On Friday, hear the entirety of "Fish Outta Water," the new release from former Jurassic 5 vocalist Chali 2na on The Inside Track. 9pm.

The Orange County Special, an exploration of traditional and neo-traditional music from around the world, will be hosted by Morgan M. Just so happens that his songs will all be about Time. Starts at 10am.

Also on Sunday, tune in to listen to the UNC Student Body President Jasmin Jones and members of her executive board and cabinet discuss student government issues and events around UNC. 5pm.


Join the Feedback Farmers on a journey Sixty-Five Million Years Ago, to a time when Dinosaurs ruled the earth. Listen in awe to the spectacle of these beasts, whether they are engaged in their daily inter-species battles, calmly feeding upon a hard-to-reach plant, or desperately fleeing the wrath of a meteor. Wednesday at Nine PM.

Hear a live performance by Futurebirds, a music group all the way from Athens, Georgia, on a special mid-week airing of The Backyard Barbecue this Thursday at 7pm. On Sunday at 8pm, the Barbecue is back with a live set from Carrboro indie songwriter Ryan Gustafson (Boxbomb), who plays the Local 506 June 24th with Max Indian.


The Inside Track is a bi-weekly show consisting of a new album played in it's entirety. This Friday at 9pm, tune in for a righteous various artist compilation from Honest Jons entitled "Marvelous Boy: Calypso From West Africa."

The Orange County Special, home of traditional and neo-traditional music from around the world, will be hosted by Jane D.W., as it is every first Sunday of the month. Tune in at 10am.

Hear a live set from Durham pop-punk trio Pink Flag on the Backyard Barbecue, WXYC's local music show, Sunday at 8pm. Hosted


Tonight's Thursday Night Feature: anime! It's pop music, Kant, Shintoism, Sci-Fi, and lyrics that probably didn't make sense even before they were translated. It's three hours of only the highest energy tunes! It's anime theme music! Check the WXYC blog for video clips and tune in for a very special bonus edition special guest, anime composer Lisa Furukawa. Hosted by boy wonder star Luke Miller.

Released on the Strut label, "Black Rio 2: Original Samba Soul 1971-1980" is the second in a series documenting the movement music of Afro-Brasilians in the 1970s. Hear this great compilation in it's entirety on The Inside Track, Friday at 9pm.

This Week On WXYC

Finnish jazz group Black Motor's latest album, Vaarat Vastukset, is an excellent mixture of accomplished modern swing, classic jazz, and sprawling experimentation. Hear it in it's entirety on The Inside Track, this Friday at 9pm.

On Sunday, be sure to tune in to the Backyard Barbecue for an evening with power pop innovators Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey! As the songwriters for The dB's, these Winston-Salem natives released several albums in the 80's to critical acclaim. Stamey and Holsapple will be playing a live set and talking about their upcoming June 27th show at the Cat's Cradle. 8pm.


Showcasing hip hop and R&B; artists from all over the United States, this Thursday Night Feature recognizes those who are putting in cutting-edge work in their respective markets. Listeners take heed: This is the next round to DO IT.

Tune in for an interview with Camp Lo, whose new album dropped earlier this year, and with independent film producer Rashan Washington. Rashan's new movie "One Foot In, One Foot Out" premieres Friday, June 12 at the Cultural Arts Center in Greensboro. Randy Roper will also be calling into the show. Randy is music editor of Ozone Magazine, "Your Favorite Rappers Favorite Rap Magazine."

In addition to Who Got Next? featured artists, there will be a musical tribute to female emcee and NC native Lil Buna (R.I.P.) who was murdered on May 4, 2009.

Hosted by Nancia O.


This week's Thursday Night Feature: Dictionaraoke. Definition: Audio clips from online dictionaries sing the hits of yesterday and today. The fun of karaoke meets the word power of the dictionary. Hosted by Andy K, 9pm.


Hold it right there, pardner. This town ain't big enough for the both of us. There's a new sheriff in town, see -- goes by name of the Feedback Farm. Yup, it'll mosey on through these parts Wednesday at 9pm.

Join host Nancia O for this week's Thursday Night Feature: Carolina Stand-Up Part II! Hear NC & SC hip-hop artists at 9pm!

Brazilian electronic music producer Gui Boratto's album Take My Breath Away is up next on the Inside Track, where new albums are played in their entirety. Tune in on Friday at 9pm.


Micropolyphony is a compositional technique involving the use of sustained dissonant chords which shift slowly over time, first introduced in 1961 by Gyorgy Ligeti. He composed music that happens whenever the monolith shows up in Space Odyssey. To hear/learn more, tune in to this week's Thursday Night Feature, hosted by Jon P. 9pm.

Be sure to check out Friday's Inside Track, where new albums get played in their entirety, to hear experimental banjo performer Uncle Woody Sullender's latest, Live at Barkenhoff. 9pm.
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