Recurring Dreams

The Feedback Farmers revisited one of their favorite topics last week: Dreams.

The third installment in the series again featured dreams collected in the Chapel Hill area. The Farmers accosted people on the UNC campus, at the Weaver Street Market, and at a local bike shop.

The maximum-density collage may not have quite worked out the way the Farmers (Kevin, in particular) envisioned, but all in all it was a pretty good show. If you sometimes find the Feedback Farm hard to take, this show was one of the more listenable, actually.

Many thanks to all the dreamers who helped make this show a reality!

Click here to download the March 12, 2008 Feedback Farm Dream programme (44MB MP3).


As a special bonus, click here to read about and download the dream collage that aired on the March 17, 2005 Thursday Night Feature on WXYC (a 40MB MP3 awaits you).

As an extra-special bonus, click here to download the dream collage that started it all, broadcast on WXYC March 29, 2004 (20MB MP3).