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Hugh Masekela: The Chisa Years 1965-1976 (rare and unreleased) (Africa Vinyl MA 12/8)
This compilation caught me by surprise with its pure greatness. These tracks were recorded for his Chisa label, and are often way better than his hits. Most sung in a South African language. I expected these to be would-be pop songs that failed, but damn I was wrong. These are hot hot hot African soul songs that are always being awesome, never just trying. (thats right bitches, African vinyl. aww yea)

Oneness of Juju: African Rhythms (Africa Vinyl ON 2/1)
Oneness of Juju: Space Jungle Love (Africa Vinyl ON 2/2)

From 1975 and 1976 respectively.
This group headed by James Plunky Branch was all over the New York loft scene in the early 70s. They took the style and feel of Sun Ra and Pharoah Sanders and gave funky R&B; rhythms. Both fine albums, never yet played on our radio station.

Tony Allen - Jealousy Progress (cd Africa AL1/4)
Tony Allen - No Accommodation for Lagos - No Discrimination (cd Africa 1/3)
Tony Allen is the drummer for Fela Kuti through so many years and albums. These albums were recorded directly after Tony's peak years with Fela and are in the same league as Fela's best. The songs are long and heavy on the bass with horns punctuating and soloing into the sunset.

V/A African Disco: Deep Disco from 1970's Africa (Africa cd V/A 153)
This is the only hit or miss in the bunch. Some pretty cheesy stuff here, although that seems to be coming back in style. There are some hot spots though; the best track (in my humble opinion) is Afro Disco by tony allen, which is on one of the above mentioned tony allen records.