Farm Aid '08

It doesn't happen often on WXYC, but when it does happen, the outpouring of love from our listeners is nearly overwhelming. Yes, last night WXYC held its pledge drive, and, thanks to you our loyal listeners, we reached the mark we needed to stay on the air. Many thanks and a big Valentine's Day kiss to the 30 of you who gave us pledges of your money, souls, cat pelts, exotic birds, and half-eaten sandwiches.

Of course, if you didn't pledge during the on-air drive, it's not to late to show your support for the unique personalities and programming that WXYC offers. It's as easy as sending an email with your pledge to wxycfeedbackfarm at gmail dot com. And remember, we don't want your money, we just want you to pledge your money.

We know how much everyone loves to turn on their favorite public radio station to discover that a pledge drive is in progress. And so we know that if you didn't tune in to the 2008 Pledge Drive on WXYC, you will wish you hadn't missed it. If you did miss the pledge drive, don't despair! You can download the entirety of the programme here (29MB MP3) and listen to it now! And if the show motivates you to pledge, send an email to wxycfeedbackfarm at gmail dot com with your pledge! It may be too late to win the trip to Paris, but it's never too late to support WXYC!

As a special thanks to you our loyal listeners, we also present to you a special Bonus MP3 (2MB MP3) that unfortunately wasn't played on the air but which (as you will hear) should have been the first item in the broadcast.