Global Music Show

Specialty shows are controversial on a free format radio station, so they need to be good as hell to justify their existence. Lord knows we've tried. So, instead of letting the global music radio waves disintegrate into nothingness somewhere over Durham, they've been meticulously recorded. They're all archived in chronological order and labeled with region, DJ, and guest Professor name. Give a little listen, and feed back to me if you'd like.

This show is one of the more overtly educational broadcasts on xyc, and I'm interested to know: has anyone learned anything? Have we promoted intercultural understanding? Or provided some context to music that was otherwise simply "foreign"?

The purpose of the show is to educate and entertain, but I think its real value is allowing interaction between xyc and the professors of our university. When profs come to the station, they aren't selling their knowledge like they do in class, they're sharing it. I know I'm sounding a little lovey dovey here, but xyc might be the only place on campus where students and professors interact on equal ground, and I like that.
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