Every other Wednesday from 9pm-10pm, the WXYC Music Dept takes the time to dump out the mail bin, sift through our personal purchases and play the highlights from the pile. Just as our station's free-format implies, there is no particular genre or style that is emphasized - just a new music grab bag of things that we're enjoying at the moment. Last week's show was a good one, view the Playlist here.

The Feedback Farm will be on the air this Wednesday though, continuing their three-part series on the life cycle with part two - YOUTH.

Last time's Farm topic dealt with "Birth." Check out an mp3 of my favorite segment here:
Feedback Farm: BIRTH - June 20, 2007
*Edited for maximum tolerance.

Or you can download the whole friggin show a couple posts down.

Wednesdays, 9pm-10pm. You probably have something better to do, but the radio loves you more.