No Escape from Noise

The Feedback Farmers triumphantly rebounded from the season's nadir (never to be posted on the blog) by tackling a subject they know a lot about: Noise. It was, of course, the second time this semester they talked about noise, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that they managed to put on a decent show. Plus they only had to be on the air for 50 minutes because the WXYC transmitter was down for the first 10 minutes of their allotted time.

In any case, this week's show was a review of sorts of the 3rd annual No Future Fest held last weekend at Chapel Hill's own Nightlight. Hear all about what you missed by downloading the show here (23MB MP3).

Also be sure to check out the videos posted on YouTube by the wonderful and talented Tom Grimley. Incidentally, Tom Grimley was PJ's favorite part of No Future Fest III.