Although details are a litle hazy at this point, members of the Feedback Farm have been suspected of practicing "web terrorism" on this very blog by deleting posts that they deemed "not fit to live ." The action was self-righteous at best, and just downright diabolical at its dark core. They already hijacked the WXYC Best of 2006 show last Wednesday, providing their own fake countdown filled with obscure field recordings, Joanna Newsom manipulations, and a double-tracked White Album in order to clutter up the airwaves with a bunch of crap that no one cared about. But this new charge finds the Farmers stooping to new depths, and begs us to ask the question, "How low can these bastards go?"

Unfortunatley, someone was dense enough to let these terrorists have a new season of their show this semester, which airs on every other Wednesday at 9pm on WXYC. Hopefully, they will clear up some of these accusations on their show next week, and address these unholy acts. When will the fear end? When?!?!?


if the DTH wrote an article

if the DTH wrote an article about me with a headline that read "approaching lame status," i would feel compelled to womanize, too.

As i (w/ mr. bp. of most

As i (w/ mr. bp. of most courseness) djed the st. a's party he was seen moving and shaking his rear end and positioning himself for some night-time fun. all in good nature, of course. of course. of course. he's the prez. who killed the kennedy's? after all it was you and me? those rolling stones are convinced. i'm not entirely, but perhaps they were right about some stuff. how in the world did they get to play at............................................................................DUKE?

Elizabeth P. and I had a good

Elizabeth P. and I had a good idea for a Valentine's Day feedback farm. We heard that Mr. James Allred is quite the womanizer...time for an exposé!

thanks to the magic of

thanks to the magic of Google, "feedback farm" and "terrorism" are now inexorably tied together, and i now have a manila folder with my name on it in the custody of the FBI. awesome. there are three warrants for my arrest, one of them involves smuggling.

Bravo cole, and i mean that.

Bravo cole, and i mean that.

Who handles the live on air

Who handles the live on air blogging for these terrorists?