On "Carolina Breakdown," Irish fiddlin'... Carrboro's "Workclothes"

This week on "Carolina Breakdown," the show we do in concert (literally) with the Arts Center in Carrboro and the Curriculum in Folklore, we feature music from near and far.

Near, as in "Carrboro," as Jennie and Lee Waters bring their band Work Clothes to the show, and talk with us the texture of the Southern indie rock scene. It's great music and much introspective thought behind it.

Then it's "far" as in "far and away," as in County Galway, Ireland, as the Gavin Brothers -- Irish fiddle and accordion virtuosos -- stop in along with UNC graduate Pat Sky. It is, as Sean says, "grand, just grand," and if you've ever played air guitar, let alone air fiddle, the sounds these guys get from their instruments will blow you away.

So celebrate St. Patrick's Day early, Friday at 4 p.m., when we bring you another "Carolina Breakdown," another hour of Southern music, the people who make it and, uh, this week, the people who like it. And in two weeks, DJ and folklorist Jessica Klinke hosts a rousing show with Durham-based folk singer Alice Gerard. You can get the Breakdown on iTunes as a podcast as it spreads the WXYC gospel to places near and far. We've got listeners in Italy and Central America, even -- and this week, we're thinking we'll pick up a few in Ireland. Be well... John H.