A Comedy of Errors

The Feedback Farm has disappointed yet again. After promising that they were organized and ready to put on a great show, in their most recent episode the Farmers came across as unprepared and unprofessional as the show was seemingly plagued by technical difficulties and short tempers. After 60 minutes they still hadn't explored--or revealed!--the topic they came "prepared" to discuss!

How much longer will WXYC management continue to allow this sort of absurdity to occupy prime listening hours?

If you didn't hear what I am describing above, I recommend you download the programme here (29MB MP3), listen to it, take notes, and lodge your complaints with the Feedback Farmers to see if they will mend their ways. Email them at wxycfeedbackfarm at gmail dot com.

Bonus MP3


i'm curious to know what the

i'm curious to know what the feedback farmers would include on an updated voyager golden record