Pet Sounds Remixed

I just stumbled upon a great remix album of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. It's crafted by a British artist by the name of Bullion, who really appears to be just a bedroom producer. Anyway, the album is entitled 'Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee' because it emulates, and pays tribute to, the late J Dilla. Initially I was under the impression that the whole thing was a mash-up but according to Bullion "NO DILLA DRUMS USED." I'm a tad suspect because it really does sound like something that Dilla produced himself- it's uncanny.

Bullion provides the whole thing (mp3s at 320 kb/s!) for free. Download it here.

ps. Couldn't make it out friday night. To those who went, how was the Carolina Funk release party at Hell?