Daedelus and Busdriver

I caught the Daedelus/Busdriver show this past friday at the local 506 and it was amazing. Daedulus was decked out in almost full conductor's attire (except for his jungle spotted new balances) and he prefaced his set by saying that he wanted to keep things more "up tempo" and that we (the audience) should let him know if we didn't like his direction. Daedelus kept his word; and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance despite the fact he ventured close to heavy-techno territory. Here's a very short clip of the show that I captured with my outdated Canon:


it looked and sounded much better live. Also, that box that he's playing is a version of this cool little contraption:


Busdriver went on last and was intense as usual. He was backed by Anti-mc (who provided the beats for Busdriver earlier in the year when he opened for RJD2 at the cradle) and another dj named Desert Eagle. Their standout song was a remix of Kill Your Employer, which had one of the hottest beats that I have ever heard (sorry, no vid for that). And to top things off, as soon as Busdriver left the stage there was an impromptu dance party which was still going on when I left at 2am.

good times.