"Carolina Breakdown" features Chris Hillman this Friday

This week's "Carolina Breakdown" (Friday at 4 p.m.) features music and talk with Chris Hillman, original member of The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers and other rock fame. He spoke with DJ Brendan Greaves, who hosts this week's show. Should be great, and the type of original stuff you only hear at our little radio operation.

All prior "Carolina Breakdown" shows are available via iTunes -- just go to the podcast page and type "Carolina Breakdown." Join our myspace page, also uniquely titled "Carolina Breakdown." The show now has more than 1,500 listeners worldwide, from Europe to Latin America to... Greensboro, spreading the WXYC gospel far and wide.

Meantime, enjoy this week's show. I'll host the next one, Feb. 14, featuring The Gavin Brothers, Irish fiddle virtuosos, as they team up with North Carolina fiddler Pat Skye, and also Carrboro's Workclothes joins us.

And stay tuned for details about the first live taping of the show, at the ArtsCenter, in April.