WXYC is Hiring

Ah, spring semester and WXYC is hiring new DJs! This is an open call for all music geeks. We ask of you only two things: that you are currently a student and that you are DAMN EXCITED about music.

Come out to the OPEN HOUSE Tuesday January 23rd at 6pm. 3420 in the student union.

Then, come to the INTEREST MEETING at 7pm on the 23rd in Bingham 108.

If you can't make it, email info@wxyc.org and we'll work something out.


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Great blog! Thanks

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if you become a dj at wxyc,

if you become a dj at wxyc, anonymous can, and will, provide you with a COMPLETE list of the areas hot girls. I think one of those links is actually (and unsurprisingly) the hispanic dance club website...black camel of death indeed!

Thank you anonymous! It's

Thank you anonymous! It's comments like yours that make the WXYC blog an exciting place! I, for instance, did not know that hot girls in my area were so interested in the sale of online pharmaceuticals! I will look to invest immediately!

Q: What if I am working

Q: What if I am working towards a Ph.D.? Or if I'm a first-year grad student? Or if I'm part time? Or continuing studies?A: Well then you're still a student. Apply.Q: What if I'm a freshman? Do I have a chance at being hired?A: Yes. Apply.Q: Will you grill me about obscure bands during the ten-minute interview component?A: No, that would be childish. Apply.Q: I've applied once (twice, three times a lady) before, and I didn't get hired, so why should I even bother coming back?A: Several WXYC DJs have applied multiple times before being hired. Apply again.Q: What if my favorite piece of music is this song called "Black Camel of Death" by Hispanic Dance Club?A: You're hired, even though you have extremely questionable taste in music!