Names Proposed For "The USA is a Monster" Before The Current Name Was Chosen

A Hippogriff is a Mythological Creature

Godzilla is a Nuclear Dinosaur

The USA is a North American State

The USA is a Country, Within Which, Monsters, Such as Sasquatch Live

Sasquatch is a USA Yeti

The USA is a Nation of Approximately Three Hundred Million People (and Yetis) That Borders Canada, Mexico, and the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

The USA is Currently Undertaking Foreign and Domestic Policies with Which We Don't Agree, and That We Personally Believe Are Ill-Considered.

Godzilla is Horrific

The USA is Like Godzilla in the Sense That the Policies That It Is Embarked Upon are Pretty Horrific, Though We Are Not Necessarily Sure If This Is a Failure of the Current Administration or Represent A More Systemic Problem With American Democracy, or Like Overwhelming Corporate Greed, Reflect a Problem That Is Shared With Many Of the Industrialized Countries Driving the Globalized Economy Although This Reason Does Not Actually Explain the Godzilla Simile

The City of Tokyo is a Monster Center (Both in Terms of Overwhelming Corporate Culture,Which is Monstrous, And Also in the Sense that Actual Monsters, Like Godzilla and Mothra, Frequently Attack There)

The USA is Sasquatch Central and When You Pay Attention to the Whole Political Side of Things, Also Is a Sasquatch, Metaphorically.

The USA is a Sasquatch