Cheerleading for squarepusher

Sound the alarm! Alert the town crier! One of the most decisive albums of the year is sliding underneath the WXYC radar. Santa's getting confused. The best-of-2007 lists are spilling out the mail slot, but Squarepusher's "Hello Everything" has been suspiciously absent from this year's crop. Look at the nine panels on the cover and understand what this album is -- it is one man, pushing pieces of plastic and steel around with his hands, zipping around electrons to move in metal. The metal of my speakers and his instruments shakes and pulses with hype. Furious hype. And my electrons. 1990s. British scientists uncovered the perfect rhythmic noise -- the Amen breakbeat -- and well, the rest is history. You can speed it up too to slowly so that they move more quickly in time. It's like it's dance music, except way too fast for anyone to dance too. That is, if using your body. Use the electrons!! Listen to this album or watch the videos and understand that "The Modern Bass Guitar" is played on the bass guitar somehow, using fingers. I refer to the cover for proof that they really are fingers. Fingers are doing this.