My Spare Time is a Bleary Eyed Sip of Cheap Wine

Not to begrudge this blog, as it is a valuable resource with which XYC jocks might share our vast collective musical knowledge and initiate thought-provoking discussions about new and old musical styles and artists, but right now it seems as though this page is mostly a clearinghouse for youtube links, which while perhaps modestly entertaining, are of the most debilitated visual and audio quality and do little to demonstrate the heavy potential of this space on the interweb. Not to be one to simply smear the format and content and then bail, I must posit this humble observation concerning the potential of the blog format, and issue it as a personal challenge to myself and others to up the bar for our own wastes of time.
For an excellent example of a blog which instructs and inspires, head to the No Doctors homepage. Despite the fact that I consider these dudes my friends, I also admire their homepage for its lively discussion and interesting mix of fact and fiction. I issue a challenge to myself and others for the XYC blog - put some of yourself out there and let the world know what you think about music, the world, and our relationship to sound. If we could but smear some of the email jeezus that we produce over topics such as tuba or the legacy of luc ferrari, we would go a long way.
That said, TIME magazine has certainly indavertantly made an ass of themselves by hailing blogs such as this as harbingers of some new era in pluralistic entertainment provision, insinuating the the whole of America is ready to be entertained by folks with lots of spare time, like myself. Hmmmm. Maybe my own presence on the internet is not ready for my own chagrin at the bevy of crap that shuffles it way through the aether and spurts its electronic spunk all over my slow wireless connection. Blorch.