To Live and Shave the Thursday Night Feature

On last week's Thursday Night Feature, I exploited the work of Miami-based avant/industrial/pre/noise/dub band TO LIVE AND SHAVE IN LA. For three whole hours, listeners were treated (annihilated) to an audio history of the band, starting with main founder Tom Smith's work in Peach of Immortality and winding all the way up to the new album, Noon and Eternity. Mr. Smith was even nice enough to engage me in an interview, which was also included in the show. If you missed it, or you were one of the many who turned off your radios, you can relive the magic by downloading the show in its entirety below.

To Live and Shave TNF

If you like what you hear, be sure to pick up Noon and Eternity, which was recently released on Menlo Park Recordings.


Drat... Again, for the 9000th

Drat... Again, for the 9000th consecutive eon, I'm the poster child for typos -- "sweetened by the odd blown transitional cue" is what my brain fed my bloody limbs, but something was lost in transmission. Oy vey, etc.TS

Many thanks, Cole, for your

Many thanks, Cole, for your valiant efforts, doubtless abeted by sleep deprevation and sweetened the odd blown transitional cue. As a ham-handed DJ myself, I definitely feel your pain... Cudos to the XYC audio edifice, and merry whatever religious/metaphysical observance bloats your coillective armada.Cheers,Tom/TLASILA