Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

It happens every year. You are busy, things get hectic, and in the end you forget to do any Holiday Shopping! Uh-Oh! How will all your loved ones ever know that you love them without a gesture of consumerist reciprocity?!?

The sad truth is that they won't know and will therefore stop loving you. Therefore it is imperative to give them gifts to win their love. What's that? No money?!?

Well, the re-gift is a classic, though tacky, move. But do you know what's better than the re-gift? The modded re-gift.

It's simple really: take the crappy electronic toys and gifts from yesteryear and tweak them to make them completely awesome! The perfect gift!

The Sesame Street Talking Alphabet!

A Talking Pikachu!

A Toy Guitar!

A Playskool Keyboard!

And many, many more!

And for all your other tweaking, building, hacking, and DIY needs, let me highly recommend the MAKEzine blog and their archive of music and audio centered projects.