Get Your Head Wrecked

Holy shit. I've been waiting for this news for some time, and now, it's official! The Psychic Paramount are scheduled at the Nightlight for Thursday, November 30th, and they are coming to obliterate your sense of self with psych jams heavy enough to erase space and time. Seriously, this is the real deal, one of my faves, and I am excited.

You can visit their website for a little taste:

Definitely watch the live in Rome video for a visual tour of how completely fuckd this show is gonna be. There are also audio clips there for your enjoyment. They released a live album recorded in France and Italy back in 2002 that was an amazing testament to their live abilities, which they last displayed locally at the dearly departed Go! Studios with Acid Mothers Temple in 04 maybe? Their studio full-length came out in 2005, and I get chills every time I hear it. Ballstothemuthafuckingwall. They've apparantly got some double album thing coming out this month that documents solo recordings of the group members prior to the conception of Psychic Paramount, with the accompanying disc revealing new(?) material.

Brief history: Two of the band's members, Ben Armstrong and Drew St. Ivany, were in the short-lived mindfuck Laddio Bolocko, along with Blake Flemming (Dazzling Killmen) and Marcus DeGrazia. Laddio Bolocko were the sheer essence of demented rock distorted to the point of insanity, crunching metal with guitar strings and building a bridge to hell. A short-circuited radio melts on your tongue and all over your hands, electrifying your desires and processing them out the other end, reeking of wrecked consciousness and the smell of a black limo filled with rotting carcasses. They existed from 96-00, after which they splintered into two factions: Ivany and Armstrong took the talent to Psychic Paramount, while Flemming and DeGrazia decided to suck at life in Electric Turn to Me. Conclusion: Go see this show. Nightlight. November 30th. It will be loud and it will be heavy. Please share in the joy with me.

On that note, there are TONS of amazing shows lined up at the Nightlight in the coming month, so if you live in the Chapel Hill area, do youself a favor and check out the Nightlight website for a full line-up. Three cheers also to Mr. Charlie St Clair, a fellow XYC jock, who is kicking ass and bookin the names over there. Go Nightlight, Go!