What do you think about the future? What does the future hold in store? What IS the future? You can find out the answers to all(none) of these questions tomorrow night on WXYC at 9:30 pm, as we air the third installment of our new show entitled "Feedback Farm." For a whole 30 minutes, we'll be airing an array of mashups, sound collages, distorted interviews, manipulated phone conversations, general weirdness and even a sped-up King Crimson sample that will make you smile with glee - all dedicated to the topic of the future!

Here's a little taste of what you might expect . . .

So tune in and contemplate days to come with us at WXYC, and feel free to call in at 962-8989 to offer your comments and join in the fun. If anything, we promise that you will be thoroughly entertained, and probably confused. We're very stoked about this show, so remember - 9:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 4. Tune in and detune. The future is coming! The FUTURE!