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This Week on WXYC
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello listeners, here's a rundown on our upcoming programming:
Phillips Ambassador and WXYC DJ Eliza Farren will be reflecting on her trip to China through a special radio show tonight (05/13). Tune in to 98.3FM from 9-10pm to hear a song selection inspired by her experience in the Phillips Ambassador program.
Monday's Outside Track is Bloodroot, a lovely set of prepared-piano compositions from composer and pianist Kelly Moran. Not unlike what Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith has been doing with the Buchla synthesizer, Moran brings a sense of melody and (even) pop-sensibility to an instrument usually heard on more left field classical releases. The pieces are alternately, tense, freewheeling, or floating in gentle beauty, and there's a lot to get both from Moran's unique sound and the pieces she composes.

This Week on WXYC
Friday, April 28, 2017

Hi everyone,
Here’s what we have planned this week:
This week's Inside and Outside track is a one-two punch of new music from the experimental tape label Phinery.
On Friday's Inside Track, it's the latest from Portland-based musician Pulse Emitter (a.k.a. Daryl Groetsch), Through the Portal. Groetsch has been releasing (emanating?) as Pulse Emitter since 2004. Composed using only synthesizer and found sound, Through the Portal gives us playful, deep-ass, new age synth pieces with ecological sci-fi song titles. It made our review feel like "an RPG avatar, a digital Adam, composed of like 5 pixels, drifting on a raft through a 16-bit hicolor estuary." Maybe you'll pick up similar vibes? Tune in and find out.
Monday's Outside Track is Redundancy Suite, the new album from G.S. Sultan (a.k.a. Roy Warner). Following his first two releases on Umor Rex and Orange Milk, Redundancy Suite sees the artist heading down experimental but enjoyable paths, creating a warbling, shiny 3D chaos of synths that bring to mind the early synth greats of the 60s and 70s.