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This Week In WXYC
Friday, March 28, 2014

How’s everyone doing? Bleak day today. Bleak day every day. Happy to begin your weekend. Let’s see what’s in store…
Put a spoon in your mouth. This is an antenna. Twist your nose until you hear WXYC Chapel Hill. You are a radio. Tune yourself to 89.3 FM tonight (Friday!) at 9:00 PM to hear Psychic Wheels' new LP, Peripheral Drift on The Inside Track. Psychic Wheels is a new band fronted by Spencer Adam Morgan, who also started the Columbus-based label Superdreamer. The sound is a pleasant lo-fi indie pop a la Jesus and Mary Chain given a bit more of a garage rock stomp.
Tonight on the New Science Experience we've got two WXYC serving up some original mixes for your aural pleasure. From 10-11pm DJ Billy M is dishing out summer jams, and DJ Robert W's got ambient 'n moody house 'n techno from 11pm to midnight.
This week Hell or High Water will feature the Blues of Spartanburg, SC native Clara Smith. Commonly referred to as "Queen of the Moaners," Clara's work evokes references to Bessie Smith. This dynamic character found her voice in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance and is true to the tradition of female blues of the period; raunchy and riddled with innuendo. Tune in for one hot hour of music.
This week tune in to Broken Music for some works by David Tudor. pianist, composer, and long time collaborator with John Cage and Merce Cunningham, Tudor is especially notable for his work with no-input feedback. Expect to hear from his sound installation Rainforests and his intricate no-input system Neural Synthesis, paralleling the instantaneous connections of neural synapse through the use of a sophisticated computer chip.
An unexpected security crisis on UNC’s campus last week led to the delay of this month’s WXYC Reports. Tune in this weekend to hear the delayed premier! A quick reminder: When was the last time you listened to an hour of radio and only hear the voices of women-identified people? You'll have that opportunity this Sunday, from 5-6pm, on WXYC Reports. This month's show is called Bechdel Test and it features back to back stories united by the fact they are told by and about women, even when they concern a man. Tune In!
Sports! Talking! Take a break from the music from 9-10PM on Sunday by tuning in to Sports Rap. This week hosts Ryan and Reilly will be talking about the second weekend of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, the fate of UNC's women's (Sweet 16) basketball team, the final month of the Charlotte Bobcats, and more! Few topics are off limits and as always, you are encouraged to listen live and participate! @dunksbutts! Don't fake the funk!
Check out our Outside Track this Monday at 9:00 pm as you plot your ruthless tricks on friends and loved ones. We'll be hearing new music from Digital Primatives. Chad Taylor (drums), Assif Tashar (tenor sax, bass clarinet, m’bira), and Cooper-Moore (generally piano, here a diddly bo, mouth bow, fretless banjo, and a one-stringed ‘twinger’ he made) are three of the bigger names in NYC free jazz. But on their latest release, "Lipsomuch/Soul Searching," they are lining their sensibilities up with some prewar delta blues and serious groove-rockin’.
This week Should Does Does Radio is hosting the Southern Oral History Project for an hour of oral histories, ethnopoetic transcriptions, and ear-to-ear smiles. Put the kettle on and tune-in this Wednesday at 9pm!

This Week In WXYC
Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break! Winding to a close though…sickening. The dirge will be expressed in the form of a week of killer radio from your friends at WXYC. Check it out:
Invite all your friends over tonight (FRIDAY!) at 9 pm. Then tell them to go home so that you can listen to The Inside Track! Tonight you'll hear music from Ethiopian Azmari musician Chalachew Ashenafi. The Azmari is a combination of a troubadour, a minstrel and a jester. These improvisers comment on politics, religion and everyday life in a style which is both mocking and very humorous. Chalachew Ashenafi was an Azmari whom The Ex met in Addis Ababa in the late aughties. He went on to tour with The Ex in Europe, and recorded this CD of his favorite traditional Amharic songs in The Netherlands in 2011. Call-and-response vocals; the twang of Ashenafi’s masinko, or one-stringed fiddle; and his backing band on krar, or bowl-shaped lyre; kebero, a double-headed conical drum.
Tune in to the New Science Experience: Sprang Brakk edition tonight from 10 midnight. 00Trevyn will be serving up a deep-dish-house-(audio)pizza with a sprinkling of UK pop tracks and a touch of disco.
Greasier then a bucket of fried chicken coated with banana pudding, the Chapel Hill originated group Southern Culture On The Skids will be the feature of this Sunday's Hell or High Water. Coinciding with the opening of the Southern Folklife Collection's 30 Year Retrospective on the group, Lard Have Mercy!, join Zaki G for a sleazy, sweaty, grimy, groovy good time
Tune in Sunday for an hour of early feedback works by Broken Music perennial favorite Eliane Radigue. The Paris-born composer began as a student and assistent to Pierre Henry and soon built her own home studioto realize her distinctive longform works. These tape pieces date to the early 1970s, predating her fascination with Tibetan buddhism and the instruments of Donald Buchla. Radigue is among those rare composers whose works are recognizable regardless of the medium--whether using tape feedback, Buchla synth, or her recent forrays into acoustic instrumentation, the outcome is always undeniably identified as Radigue. Tune in at 2pm.
This month Fusion Youth Radio is doing a show on female rapppers, discussing and dissecting what it means to be a woman in hip hop today. There will also be a music appreciation section and guest spoken word poet. Listen in this sunday from 5 to 6 pm.
Sports on Sundays every week at 9 PM on Sports Rap. Join hosts Reilly and Ryan for a hour long investigation into the latest of issues in sports, including Carolina Basketball, sports politics, and whether or not baseball is politically regressive. Join us!
Join us, won't you, at 9 pm on Monday evening for The Outside Track? This week it'll be new music from prolific California-based producer Brian Pyle a.k.a. Ensemble Economique offers up a mesmerizing 40 minute long, two track collage whereby Pyle intersperses bits and pieces of radio excerpts from all over the world with pristine and precise piano, haunting electronic production and sparse and abstract guitar flourishes.
This week Should Does Does Radio is premiering a five-layer sound collage, taking you on a second person narrative, and opening up the phone lines for an installment of our call-in advice show "You Might As Well Live." Prop up your feet and tune-in this Wednesday at 9pm!