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This Week on WXYC
Friday, May 27, 2016

Got some sick things in the works this week, check 'em out!
Tonight on the Inside Track, tune in for CP / BW, the collaborative project of low-key bangers from Chicago electronic producer Beau Wanzer and Texas industrial duo Corporate Park. You'll hear chaotic clanging of different electronic sound and sound bites that sound like "you took the wrong warped pipe in a Nintendo 64 game and now you've found yourself face-to-face with Metal Mario in some cybernetic alternate reality."
This Sunday, Broken Music features works by Japanese composer and sound artist Yoshi Wada. After coming to New York in the late 1960s, Wada took membership with the Fluxus and quickly honed his distinctive style. Wada's works typically employ long sustained tones performed on self-made pipe horns and expansive reed instruments similar to bagpipes, amplified at high volumes to heighten the overtones. Having also studied with Prandit Pran Nath, Wada also created many works for voice that also incorporate the interplay of overtones. Our show begins at 2pm.
On Monday's Outside Track, hear an outstanding release from two musicians from rual Niger, Fatou Seidi Ghali & Alammou Akrouni's Les Filles de Illighadad. They play two distinct styles of Taureg music, one in which Ghali's acoustic guitar melodies move with quiet determination and Akrouni's vocal's play gently into the mix. On the last track, the two are accompanied by the goatskin tende in a high-energy group performance. All of the recordings were made outside the desert of central Niger, adding an intimate yet expansive feel to the music. 

This Week on WXYC
Friday, May 6, 2016

Hey everyone,
WXYC has a lot of sick things in the works for this week. Take a peek:
On tonight’s Inside Track at 9pm, tune in to hear The Fifth of She by Tegucigalpan, for the debut cassette release for Carrboro local Clark Blomquist (Spider Bags, Waumiss, Kingsbury Manx). Side A (tracks 1-8) are a thrashy metal with anthemy riffs and distorted vox. Last 6 tracks step into a more electronically-oriented sound, sometimes dark and heavy techno, sometimes somber bedroom pop. Local special guests include Matt from MAKE, Eddie from Solar Halos and Love Language, Edaan and Brint from Earthly/Bonglestar Galactabong, DJ FiFi Hi-Fi, and WXYC DJ Dan P from Goat Thrower and Pine State. Carrboro, baby!!
Tonight's New Science Experience is coming at you live from our Twin Peaks inspired dance party at the Nightlight in downtown Chapel Hill. We are throwing a party to celebrate the end of the semester and departure of co-coordinator Beto! Expect extra-hype sets from Bridgey W, Marc T, Webb H, Alex Brown, DJ Candyboys and Beto T. Tune in from ten to midnight!
Join WXYC ride-or-die DJ Grubz at 1pm for this week's Hell or High Water, where he'll be featuring Professor Longhair's House Party New Orleans Style from the renowned Southern Folklife Collection at UNC Wilson Library.
And for Monday’s Outside Track, tune in at 9pm to hear a Technological Music Vol. 2 by DIY industrial/hardcore punk turned classical composer and oboist, Kyle Bruckmann. Citing influences from Western classical, free jazz, electronic and post-punk, this dude is like a WXYC dream come true. On this release, you'll find unedited improvisations by Bruckmann, featuring borrowed gear (including an oboe, English horn, heckelphone, mics and synths) to enhance the lack of predictability. He then takes those improvisations and heavily modulates and distorts them to make.... technological music.